How the Smiths Came to Be

It was on August 31st of 1978 when Morrisey was introduced briefly by mutual acquaintances to Johnny Marr who then 14 years old. These were Howard Bates and Billy Duffy during a gig by Patti Smith, which was then held at the Apollo Theatre in Manchester.

It was in May of 1982 when Marr decided that he want to establish a band, a new one. This led him to turn up on the doorstep of the house where Morrisey lives. He was then accompanied be their mutual friend, Steve Pomfret. They were there to see if Morrissey is interested in the idea of founding a bad with Pomfret and himself.

Marr has since been a fan of the New York Dolls and he was impressed about the fact that Morrissey actually authorized a book pertaining to the band. As it turned out, the two got on quite excellently, being similar in their drives. When conversing, the two have found out that they do share the same duration and admiration of several bands. The next day, Marr called Morrissey to really confirm if he was interested in the idea and the rest is history.

It was after a few days when Marr and Morrisey held their very first rehearsal. This was in the attic room in Marr’s residence in Bowdon. Morrissey was able to provide the lyrics for the first song that they have worked on. The both decided not to retain the song though due to the fact that both of the did not seem to like it very much. To next song that they produced was the same formulation as well. The music was created by Marr and the lyrics were created by Morrissey.

It was at the end of the summer in 1982 that Morrissey has decided to settle for a name for the band. He opted for the Smiths. According to him, the name was ordinary and it was also a sign for the ordinary folks to show their faces and show what they can do. To was also around the formation of the band that Morrissey has made the announcement that he will only be publicly known through his last name. This was because according to him, he despised his name, Steven.

After several rehearsals with the band, Pomfret decided to leave unamicably. Dale Hibbert replaced him as the bass player. With Hibbert’s effort, the band was able to successfully record their very first demo. They were then aided by Simon Wolstencroft on the drums. However, Wolstencroft was not interested in joining the band permanently which led them to hold auditions to find their permanent drummer. The result was Mike Joyce.

The fist public performance that the Smiths played was at a student fashion and music show in October of 1982. They were the support act for band Blue Rondo a la Turk. It turned out though that Hibbert was not happy with the somewhat gay aesthetics of the band while Mar and Morrissey were also unhappy with his bass playing. He was then removed from the band and was replaced by Andy Rourke.