The Smiths Music All Through the Years

The very first album that the Smiths produced was of the same name. This was the bracing for the being of a new era. While their sound was not truly that radically different when compared to the other British guitar pop at the time, it offers an astonishing subversion. They have managed to create a sound that turned structure from the inside out. Only very few of the songs that were included in the album never followed the convention structure of verse-chorus. However, they are noted for being quite melodic in their own right as well. The production may be a little on the pristine side. But the songs involved in the album are alive and vital which allowed them to develop a new voice right within the pop music scene, a true revelation n an ear where gloomy post-punk and synth-pop dominated the airwaves.

The second album for the band, Meat is Murder, is a sign that they are trying to diversify and branch out their sound. They have also opted to refine the jangling guitar pop that was very evident in their debut. It can be seen as an album that sees the group in a crossroad while not being quite sure where it is that they should head to. The group has also opted to craft more numbers that are in the up-tempo scale. The production is noticeably more detailed when compared to their debut effort. While the Smiths are really good when it comes to playing songs that are within their strengths, it should be noted that the rest of the album seems to be muddled. If anything it has opted to repeat music and lyrical ideas of their debut effort without even getting them expanded significantly.

The third effort for an album came in 186 with The Queen is Dead. It can be considered as their masterpiece. One can truly see through that it is the best summation of the strength of the group. At the same time, it is also able to contain the creative peak of the tenure of the band. There are melancholic and layered guitar masterpieces thanks to the talent of Johnny Marr. Morrissey is also able to deliver the wittiest lyrics that ever appeared on a rock album. It is pure perfection and the full 37 minutes of the album is a brilliant look into the many oddities pertaining to human experience. The lyrics are outrageous and the guitar playing is superb.

Strangeways, Here We come is a posthumous release of the band, it is their most perplexing record as well. This may be due to the fact that Johnny Mar wanted to avoid a formula. What he set out to do is to go for simplistic and stripped down riffs. This resulted from o an easy to digest and a more accessible sound and the resulting songs were quite enigmatic to the ears. When it comes to Morrissey’s voice though, it can be noticed as ever improving. It was unfortunate though that this was the last the band ever produced due to their tragic split.