If you are interested in the music scene back in the day where independent musicians thrived and were influential, you will find that Britain has a lot to offer. The 80s scene was full of rock bands that really made a mark in the history of music and The Smiths are no exception. While they may have only enjoyed limited commercial success outside of their native country, they have certainly left a huge mark in Britain.

They have remained among the most influential and the most important rock bands in the 1980s. for those that are interested in music that defied what was popular and what was in during the time of their inception- synthesizers and dance music- the sound that the band has produced has indeed become a symbol of that. They have opted to create a sound that is back to basics using the guitar, the bass, and the drums.

Add to the mix the fact that Morrisey has a unique voice and one will find music that is not easy to forget. Truly, the band has earned the regard and the reputation that they have built over the years.

If you are interested in getting a hold of their works, there are a to f places that may be able to offer reproductions of the singles and their albums. There are different sites, legit ones, that are offering access to their discography too that are available around. So, for the interested fan, all that he has to mod really is to take note of what these sites are and see if they can get access to them.