The Smiths were formed back in 1982. This English rock band has its roots in Manchester. It is made up of Morrissey on the vocals, Johnny Matt on guitar, Andy Rourke on bass, and Mike Joyce on drums. Many critics have called them as the most important of the alternative rock bands that ever came out of the independent music since in Britain in the 1980s. Many have noted their influence and their success as being the very first inside outsiders to have achieved what they had in the time that they have been in the service.

The group first signed to Rough Trade records, an independent record label based on the songwriting partnership that has been formed between Marr and Morrisey. This deal resulted in four studio albums. There was The Smiths released in 1984, Meat is Murder which is released in 1985, The Queen is Dead released in 1986, and then Strangeways, Here we Come which was released in the year 1987.

Four of the albums that they have come up with which includes three of their studio albums were included in the list for Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Albums and this is on the all-time list. The band as also released several compilation albums of things that they have produced and made over the years. They have several singles that reached the Top 20 of the UK Charts. All of their four studio albums have also placed within the Top % for the UK Charts. This includes one that actually hit the No. 1 spot.

Over the years, the band has successfully who a considerable following and they still remain eve to this day, a cult favorite among many listeners of the independent music scene. This is despite their limited commercial success outside of their native country. The band split back in 1987 as a result of some internal tensions. They have since refused any offer to reunite the group.

The band has been known to have their sound focused on the drums, the guitar, and the bass. They are also known for their unions of the post-punk and the 1960s rock. The resulting sound is a repudiation of the dance-pop contemporary sound which relies heavily on synthesizers at the time of their inception- a style that has gained a lot of popularity around the early parts of 1980.

Johnny Marr and Morrisey were the ones that dictated the musical direction of the band. According to Marr back in 1990, there was this 50/50 thing between him and Morrisey. He mentioned that the two of them were quite in sync about the way they want to go the record that they have produced. They have decided it purposely reject the dance music and the synthesizers at a time when they were all the craze. In a number of their shows, they have opted to use Montagues and Capulets by Sergei Prokofiev.

Marr has always been known for his jangly guitar playing. This was heavenly influenced by Roger McGuinn the Byrds, Neil Young, James Honeyman-Scott, a well as with George Harrison. Marr has often tuned his guitar up a full step. So, instead of an E, it is tuned to an F-sharp. This is to make sure that he gets to accommodate the vocal range of Morrisey. He also opted to use open tunings as well.

Morrisey’s role in the group is to make sure that he gets to create lyrics and vocal melodies. He stated that his songwriting was actually influenced by post-punk and punk rock bands like the Cult, the Specials, the Cramps, New York Dolls, as well as the girl groups in the 1960s like Sandie Shaw, Dusty Springfield, Marianne Faithfull, as well as Tim Yuro.

The band has been known for employing a rather large vocabulary when it comes to the lyrics of the songs that they have produced. This is in comparison to the vocabulary that other range of bands that emerge in the same place, Manchester. For instance, it has been noted that they have actually opted to use a total of 1,100 different words in their first three albums alone.

The cover artwork of the group has always been known for its distinctive style visually and it has also featured images of pop and film stars. The covers of their singles very rarely feature any text at all other than the name of the band.

As their way of keeping up with their style of back to basics drum and guitar type of music, the band has been known to dress simply. In most cases they a are seen performing in ordinary clothes, such as jeans and plain t-shirts.