Why should you reserve a spot at Rivercove Residences

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Rivercove Residences is a massive condominium complex located in the city state of Singapore. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, Singapore is one of the hottest business destinations in all of South East Asia. While it does have a small territorial foothold, don’t let it’s compact size fool you.

This relatively small piece of South East Asian real estate punches way above it’s weight class. If you need proof of this, wrap your mind around the fact that Singapore is the only first world country located in South East Asia.

According to recent figures, people in Singapore make an average of $91,000 average of over $50,000 per year. Not too shabby. It’s no surprise that corporations from all four corners of the world are sending their executives to Singapore because they want to establish a foothold in South East Asia if not all of greater Asia through their Singapore headquarters.

If you want to get a chunk of this action, you only need to reserve a spot at Rivercove Residences. Make no mistake about it. Todays Singapore is a far cry from the 1980’s Singapore. In the 1980’s, Singapore was also in love with the Smiths and 1980’s music. Unfortunately, it was also much poorer than it is today. Todays Singapore is an economic firepower. It’s a source of pride for Singaporeans because it has come a long way. It’s cleaner, greener, richer and happier than any period in its history.

The 1980’s may have been awesome thanks to bands like the Smiths, but Singapore in the 1980’s sucks compared to what it is now. If you’re looking for a tremendous mix of great culture, food and place to live, you really can’t go wrong with Singapore. Accordingly, you should reserve a spot at Rivercove Residences. Not only does this give you a front side seat to everything that’s awesome about Singapore, you also get a nice asset. You can lease out your unit and don’t be surprised that after only a few short years, you have gotten your money back.

This is not a theory. This is reality. In fact, a lot of people who buy Singapore homes end up leasing them because they got reassigned by their company elsewhere. Guess what? They get a place to stay in Singapore once their tenants’ leases are up. Best of all, their asset goes up in value. I don’t mean to sound like a promoter but this is truly a win win situation. You get a nice asset in an awesome part of the world and your asset ends up paying for itself. What is not to love with this situation.

Sure, Rivercove Residences and other big time glass and steel condominium complexes in Singapore don’t come cheap. However, given the fast rise in lease rates and the tremendous and almost insatiable demand for this type of real estate, there’s a high likelihood you will get your money back sooner rather than later.

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