Introduction to LoL Accounts for Sale

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One of the online games that have been creating a buzz in gaming communities and getting popular on the game charts or the past few years is the League of Legends. This is a MOBA, which implies that it is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, it actually did sound interesting. League of Legends was launched in 2009, produced by Riot Games and it was designed for play on Mac and PC, nonetheless the former was discontinued subsequently. The league of Legends epic shop is one place that most players visit to acquire lol accounts for sale.

Riot Points

This is the currency offered to the players of League of Legends; it can be acquired using PayPal, prepaid Riot Point Game and credit/debit cards.

Riot Points is useful for unlocking champions, different kinds of boosts, rune pages and they can be used for buying runes.

Influence Points

When playing League of Legends, players can make use of influence pints ad the chief currency, the total earning depends on quite some factors among which include; the game result, the summoner level, and the bots quantity during the gameplay. In addition, players can influence point, which is also referred to as IPs to buy in-game items like champions and runes.


Players are offered the option of choosing from a variety of champions, which goes up every week.

The players have no choice but to the Riot Points or influence points to unlock the champion right before using them. However, many free champions are available for playing every week, thus providing summoners the opportunity to test the champion right before they buy them.


Runes, on the other hand, provide some form of personalization to the League of Legends. The players are given the opportunity of amplifying a variety of stats, among which include manna regeneration, health, damage, movement speed and a number of much more stats, thus giving the opportunity of playing the game without modifying the champion. The only clause is that it is in a different manner that mainly depends on the available options for rune and mastery.

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