Select the Best Portable Ice Maker for a Rock Concert with This Review Article on IceCubicle

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It can be quite straightforward to pick out a portable icemaker. You can make a choice of a model that fits well with your kitchen space or wherever you intend on using it, you can also ensure that there are good reviews about your choice similar to this review article on IceCubicle. There is the tendency that you might what you are looking for and there is the tendency that you might not end with what you anticipated. You can also buy a model that does not suit your requirement and needs.

Below you will find some common features that you can look out for when shopping for a portable Ice maker. If you have an understanding of the features available, selecting a model for need will be easy.


Anyone who is looking out for a counter top ice maker will have to give consideration to the dimension of the machine before purchasing any of their choices. Generally, the more ice the unit can produce daily the more space it will occupy. A small unit will fit your counter top perfectly but it is important that you aware that it will not be able to produce as much ice as the larger units.


A smaller unit will weigh between 20 – 30 pounds while the larger unit will weight anything above 35 pounds. It is also important you consider the weight of your ice machine if you plan to take it with you camping or for events outside the home that require lugging it to your boat or RV.


An ice maker intended for residential use should not run for anything over the range of $100 – $250, this also depends on the size you intend on purchasing and the features incorporated in the unit. The best ice making unit will not be going for that much better than a unit that cost about $100-$170, so it is an advice that you do pay more than required.

Ice Shape

Without a doubt, different machines will create ice cubes of different shapes and sizes. There are machines that will create smaller cubes while some other units will create larger cubes, o the other hand you will find units that can produce both small and large sizes of cubes.

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