Medifast vs Nutrisystem: Guide To Staying Fit and Healthy for the Upcoming Rock Concerts

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In this article, we would be evaluating the two most popular brands in this sector, Nutrisystem and Medifast. Which one is more reliable and effective? Which offers the best deal to its clients? Peruse through this Medifast vs Nutrisystem article to find out more details and assumptions made in this regard.

Features of Nutrisystem Meal Plans

Nutrisystem plan is specially made for people who are shopping for delicious meals that will give them a healthy lifestyle. There are lots of menu options which covers breakfast, lunch, snacking and dinner per head for a whole day. These meals contain low-fat, balanced elements and essential nutrients that enhance weight loss. They are mixed together with the right quantity of organic and fresh groceries, fruits and vegetables to give a quick positive outcome in very short time. All meals help clients lose at least one pound of weight per week. In some cases, the figure can move up to two pounds. Also, there are exclusive features like the Fast Five scheme. This is an exclusive plan included in the regular monthly plan where clients can lose an astounding five pounds in the very first 7 days with the special meals package.

Features of Medifast Meal Plans

Medifast majorly specializes in the provision of a total seventy additional alternatives for regular meals. Each day, about five additional meals are provided for clients. This is supported by a single exclusive meal which consists mainly of vegetables or meat. These meals contain low-fat ingredients. Nevertheless, one major factor which distinguishes them from the wholesome meals at Nutrisystem is that their meal replacement options contain sauces, shakes, and other minuscule preparations. Also, there are no options for customers to customize their products. This diet plan is a bit hard for many dieters and might result in problems. For Medifast weight loss, someone will lose an average of one to two pounds as per this plan. It is also expensive as it is valued at a price of at least thirteen dollars per day. However, people with specific medical conditions should not go for this plan.

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