The Smiths were a popular British rock band from the 80s. Their music represented the end of synthesizer-heavy new wave music and the launch off guitar rock that was popular among English rock through the 1990s. The group’s sound was greatly influenced by the “British Invasion.” The created pop singles with melodic and ringing music for album tracks. However, the scope of the Smiths was wider than just being a revivalist band.

The core members of the group included vocalist Morrissey as well as Johnny Marr. They were rock fans who were inspired by the DIY music-making of punk. However, they also liked pop, girl groups, and rockabilly. Morrissey/Marr also were symbols of one of the rock’s most interesting collaboration teams. Marr was the band’s rock traditionalist.  He was like a version of Keith Richards during the prime of the Smiths. He carefully made guitar tracks in the recording studio.


Meanwhile, Morrissey didn’t follow rock tradition. He sang using crooning. He used Oscar Wild’s romantic poetry and made it clear he didn’t like the majority of his peers. Morrissey and Marr produced several songs/albums in three years even though they were always battling each other. It later resulted in the band’s end. The band helped to develop British guitar rock during the next decade.

Johnny Marr was born in October 1963. Before he formed the Smiths he had played in many rock bands based in Manchester. That included Freaky Part, Sister Ray, Paris Valentinos, and White Dice. He was close to getting a record contract sometimes. In fact, one of his bands won a contest held by Stiff Records. However, his bands never signed a deal to produce an album.

Morrissey was born in May 1959 and sang for a couple weeks with the band the Nosebleeds. He also auditioned with the Dogs and Slaughter. He was a big fan of music and movies. As a teenager, he often wrote the Melody Maker. He often had his letters published. He also wrote a book about James Dean that was published by a local Manchester company during the late 1970s. He also wrote a book about the New York Dolls. Not only that but Morrissey was also the president of the New York Dolls fan club in England.

Morrissey met Marr who was searching for a lyricist via mutual friends during spring 1982. They soon started to write songs. They later recorded some demos with Simon Wolstencroft who was the drummer for the Fall. By that fall the two had decided on calling their team the Smiths.

They recruited Andy Rourke who was Marr’s schoolmate. He worked as their first bass guitarist. Mike Joyce was the first drummer of the band. The Smiths first performed live during spring 1983. By that time the group already had a small following in their hometown of Manchester that was loyal. They also were starting to become famous in London. The band didn’t make a deal with Mancunian Factory Records for an album. The band turned down the chance to launch their first album. They later released the band’s debut album “The Smiths”.

The band instead signed with Rough Trade for on single entitled “Hand in Glove.” The song became a popular underground song in the UK. It topped the independent charts and won the praise of UK weeklies. Morrissey’s performances became famous as he wore a hearing aid and gladioli in the back pocket of his pants. His interviews also became famous due to his opinions. That helped the band to become popular among the public. The band’s second single was entitled “This Charming Man” and was released during late 1983.

The Smiths had already caused controversy over the song “Reel Around the Fountain.” It had been aired during a BBC radio session. The controversy was about the lyrics written by Morrissey. The song reached #25 on the British charts during December 1983. Their next single “What Difference Does It Make” peaked at #12 in February. The Smiths were able to reach the top of the British charts quickly. In addition, their fans passion and the UK music press showed that the group had ended the new wave era that was popular in England during the early 1980s.


Then a few months later the band supported the 1960 pop vocalist named Sandie Shaw. Morrissey had praised him publically in an article. That was a version of “Hand in Glove” that had reached the Top 40 charts. The single “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now” hit #10 and became the band’s highest ranking single. The B-side song received controversy. Morrissey later criticized the Band-Aid hunger relief program. However, the band stayed popular.

The band had become the most popular new rock group in Britain. However, it was only played on college/underground radio stations in the US. This happened in part because the band had never launched a full tour.

By the end of the year, several of the band’s songs had made it to the UK’s music charts. The band’s second studio album was “Meat is Murder.” It was #1 on the British charts during February 1985. There was some criticism that the album was actually weaker than the band’s first album. Around that time Morrissey’s interviews were starting to become more political. During that time he opposed Thatcher and promoted a vegetarian lifestyle. He also claimed that all of the Smiths were vegetarians. He even didn’t allow the other members to be photographed while eating meat. That was true even though they weren’t vegetarians yet. Marr was then getting into the rock lifestyle. He started to look like Keith Richards as well as Brian Jones. The Smiths might have been the most popular during early 1987. That was with the singles “Shoplifters of the World” as well as “Sheila Take a Bow.” The band also had other singles as well as B-side compilations. Today the Smiths still have a loyal following several decades after they were a game-changer in the world of British music.

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You need AWS hosting if you are serious about running a Smiths video site

Askmeaskmeaskme.com is a blog dedicated to everything and anything related to the 1980s super band, the Smiths. You know this. You’ve been checking out our blog for a long time. You know that we are crazy about Morissey and the boys.

With that said, a lot of our visitors have decided to take things to the next level.

While our blog does a decent job of listing out biographical information, fan fiction, fan comments, and everything and anything related to the Smiths, a lot of our fans still think that this website is lacking. Now it is easy to get defensive at this point. It’s easy to wave our forefinger in front of the complaining user, look the user straight in the eye, roll our necks slowly right to left, and say in a deadpan tone, UH UH No you don’t. But unfortunately, all evasions are besides the point. We have to bite the bullet and taste the bitter truth.

It pains us to say this, but we believe that they are absolutely correct because we don’t stream videos here. That’s just not part of our forte.

The good news is that a lot of our fans have taken things to the next level. They have rolled up their sleeves and taken matters into their own hands and, that’s right, they are running their very own Smiths video sites.

I’m not talking about websites that simply pull or embed videos from places like YouTube and Vimeo. I’m not talking about that. These are websites that actually stream videos locally. Talk about dedication. Talk about attention to detail. Talk about a commitment to high quality end-user experiences. That’s the ultimate form of Smiths fanaticism if there ever was one.

Sounds good so far, right? Well, if you plan to join their ranks, please understand that this is not one of those things that you can take lightly. You really have to make sure that your Smiths video site is built on the right hosting platform.

Now, a lot of people putting up this type of website would think that this is just a simple matter of finding the right content management system like WordPress. I really can’t say I blame them because this is how most people tackle the issue. They think that this project is really all about finding the right software to show all these different elements at the right time to the right people to produce the right outcomes.

I get all of that. But the problem is, you can get that with a free host. Seriously. You can go to blogger.com, you can go to wordpress.com, you can get that there.

The reason why you’re putting up a Smiths video site is not because you’re just showing a blog. It’s not because you’re just sharing text. You’re sharing video. You’re sharing an experience. So you have to analyze this from that perspective. Otherwise, it’s too easy for details to fall between the cracks and, before you know it, your website doesn’t really quite deliver.

I’ve seen this happen because we make a big deal and truly celebrate members who come up with their own Smith video streaming websites. In fact, if you have been following this blog, we run full features on them.

And unfortunately, all too often, a lot of these websites crash and burn.

It’s not because the people who put them up don’t really love the Smiths. They obviously do. It’s not because they didn’t put in the time, effort and energy. In fact, a lot of them invested a lot of blood, sweat and tears.

Where they fell apart and where they really dropped the ball involves their choice of the right hosting company. You have to get the right hosting infrastructure for you to pull this off.

For people to get a smooth experience from your website, you have to invest in the right hosting company. One of the biggest brands out there is Amazon Web Services or AWS hosting.

A lot of people think that if you are serious about anything, you have to go with AWS. By and large, they are absolutely correct, but there is a chance that you are overdoing things. There are lower level hosting companies that will give you the same experience as AWS hosting without you having to cough up thousands of dollars every single month.

I don’t about you, but as fanatical as I am of Morissey, the Smiths, and 1980s new wave music in general, I don’t think it’s worth tens of thousands of dollars in hosting fees. I don’t think I’m alone in this.

So do yourself a big favor, make sure you make a fully informed decision. This means that you pay attention to all the other features out there. You pay attention to all the variables. And I’m not just talking about dollars and cents. I’m also talking about total value that you deliver to people who check out your video streaming website. You want to deliver a solid package without it putting you in the poor house.

Make a fully informed decision by getting the inside information you need to fully consider AWS hosting by clicking here. When you click on that link, you get a really nice list of the features AWS hosting brings to the table.

When you read through these features and imagine the kind of experience that you’re looking to deliver to your visitors, you would be able to connect the dots. You would be able to see the patterns and eventually make a truly informed choice. This saves you a lot of money and it definitely saves you a lot of grief down the road.

The great thing about this is that it doesn’t have to mean that you have to be some sort of rocket scientist or brain surgeon. All it means is that you just need to connect the dots. All it means is that you need to make the right parallels and you will be okay.

Promoting a PrestaShop site is not as hard as you think


Back in the 1980’s, if bands were to promote themselves, they’re pretty much restricted to fliers, billboards, bench ends and classified adds. These avenues pretty much defined traditional advertising back in those days. Talk about a logistical headache. Plus, it’s anyone’s guess if word of mouth will catch on about your business-given the limitations of telephones.

Fast forward to today. Your mind would be blown wide apart by the tremendous amount of advertising options available. This is due to the fast rise of mobile devices and the internet. People all over the world are tuned in to the internet on a 24/7 basis. This, of course, opened a tremendous amount of online advertising opportunities.

If you have put up a Prestashop site, don’t think that you are in an impossible situation. Don’t even think about it. You might be thinking that your shop is just one of many or all too forgettable. Well, all these challenges are just in your head and in fact, the more you think along these lines, the more you make things worse for yourself. If you allow yourself to be open minded regarding your Prestashop based online shops chances of success, things are actually in your favor.

The moment you get on social media and you start sharing content, people can and do pay attention to your brand. If everything lines up properly, don’t be surprised if your brand is able to put hundreds of thousands in your online bank account. If you think this is theoretical, think again. This happens all the time. In fact, it’s happening right now. A lot of people are using Prestashop to become overnight millionaires because they figured out how online traffic works.

Do yourself a big favor and wrap your mind around this central fact of online traffic generation. What central fact am I getting at? It’s actually quite simple. If you find yourself in any website on the internet where you are able to create a link that is actually clickable and goes to a place outside of that website, that is a potential source of traffic. Understand this. Use this to your maximum advantage.

As long as you’re not violating the website’s terms of service and you’re not engaged in spamming, everything goes. This is your golden opportunity. This is how you can turn your Prestashop online store from zero to a hero. The only person that can truly limit your success in life is you. Always remember that because regardless of what you fear, regardless of what you are stuck to, regardless of what holds you back and drags you down, you can break free if you want to.

The only limit to your success as far as online traffic generation is concerned is your imagination. Constantly push it. Constantly challenge it. Constantly think of new connections because sooner or later, you will achieve a breakthrough if you don’t give up. Keep this in mind because promoting a Prestashop site is not as hard as you think.


Why should you reserve a spot at Rivercove Residences


Rivercove Residences is a massive condominium complex located in the city state of Singapore. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, Singapore is one of the hottest business destinations in all of South East Asia. While it does have a small territorial foothold, don’t let it’s compact size fool you.

This relatively small piece of South East Asian real estate punches way above it’s weight class. If you need proof of this, wrap your mind around the fact that Singapore is the only first world country located in South East Asia.

According to recent figures, people in Singapore make an average of $91,000 average of over $50,000 per year. Not too shabby. It’s no surprise that corporations from all four corners of the world are sending their executives to Singapore because they want to establish a foothold in South East Asia if not all of greater Asia through their Singapore headquarters.

If you want to get a chunk of this action, you only need to reserve a spot at Rivercove Residences. Make no mistake about it. Todays Singapore is a far cry from the 1980’s Singapore. In the 1980’s, Singapore was also in love with the Smiths and 1980’s music. Unfortunately, it was also much poorer than it is today. Todays Singapore is an economic firepower. It’s a source of pride for Singaporeans because it has come a long way. It’s cleaner, greener, richer and happier than any period in its history.

The 1980’s may have been awesome thanks to bands like the Smiths, but Singapore in the 1980’s sucks compared to what it is now. If you’re looking for a tremendous mix of great culture, food and place to live, you really can’t go wrong with Singapore. Accordingly, you should reserve a spot at Rivercove Residences. Not only does this give you a front side seat to everything that’s awesome about Singapore, you also get a nice asset. You can lease out your unit and don’t be surprised that after only a few short years, you have gotten your money back.

This is not a theory. This is reality. In fact, a lot of people who buy Singapore homes end up leasing them because they got reassigned by their company elsewhere. Guess what? They get a place to stay in Singapore once their tenants’ leases are up. Best of all, their asset goes up in value. I don’t mean to sound like a promoter but this is truly a win win situation. You get a nice asset in an awesome part of the world and your asset ends up paying for itself. What is not to love with this situation.

Sure, Rivercove Residences and other big time glass and steel condominium complexes in Singapore don’t come cheap. However, given the fast rise in lease rates and the tremendous and almost insatiable demand for this type of real estate, there’s a high likelihood you will get your money back sooner rather than later.

nguyenvincent.com makes all your prestashop design headaches go away

If you’re located in a French speaking country, you probably have been exposed to the Smiths and 1980’s music. Good on you. It’s definitely a great cultural experience. Sure, it’s from the 1980’s and it may seem a little outdated now, but there’s a lot of good music from that decade. I raised this because a lot of people automatically think that if they are selling anything online, they need to use Shopify. This is a mistake.

You  shouldn’t just go with an option just because it is popular. Sure, a lot of people might use a platform but their needs might be different from yours. Plus, there is such a thing as a bandwagon effect. This means people just use a platform because they don’t know any better. Instead, they just want to do what everybody else is doing.

There’s a French alternative to Shopify called Prestashop. The great thing about Prestashop is that you are able to get the very best qualities of Shopify without the headaches. That’s right. Prestashop is very easy to work with. It’s very intuitive and your online store can be up and running in as little as a few minutes.

As awesome as Prestashop may be for a native French speakers, it does have one draw back. You have to make sure that your design is original. This is not an option. I wish it was. If you screw this up, chances are your online store, regardless of the fact that it’s based on one of the most versatile, flexible and powerfully scalable online store builder platforms on the planet, is not going to make any money. No way, no how.

You have to look at the design templates this platform brings to the table because if your store, regardless of how awesome your products may be, looks similar enough to your competitors, your visitors will be confused. You probably don’t need me to tell you the obvious. When consumers are confused, they do one predictable thing: They don’t buy. They take a step back and think about their plan purchase. This is enough to kill the deal.

You want to get the impulse buy and that’s not going to happen if your design looks very generic because you’re just using the design default of Prestashop. Again, this doesn’t mean that Prestashop’s design sucks. But it does make your job harder. This is why you need the professional services of a Prestashop design guru like Vincent Nguyen from nguyenvincent.com.

Mr. Nguyen knows how the game is played. He knows the kind of message you’re trying to get across. That’s why he’s able to design all sorts of amazing online stores that sell day in, day out, all day, everyday. If you want to take your Prestashop success to a whole other level, you have no choice but to check out nguyenvincent.com. They have the service and the vision you need to succeed in a dog eat dog world of online commerce.

For the most professional custom manufacturing and top notch batch manufacturing service, check out Romeo RIM


Romeo RIM is a contract manufacturer specializing in plastic parts. In the 1980’s, a plastic manufacturing wasn’t all American affair. It seemed that the huge chunk of plastic products sold in the American market place were designed, produced and sold in the US. Fast forward to today and times have greatly changed from the time of the Smiths.

As hairstyles change and musical taste come and go, so do economic realities. Now, a lot of the plastic products being sold in the US were originally made in China. After all, China has become the world’s factory. If you’re looking for the very best custom manufactured parts because you are worried about your brand, you can’t afford to go overseas. There’s just so many things that could go wrong. It all boils down to control and attention to detail.

Thankfully, you only need to check out romeorim.com to get the piece of mind and assurance you need. Why? Romeo RIM is a custom manufacturing power house. They offer top notch batch manufacturing service. In fact, they would even accommodate your design engineers so you can be assured that they would produce the very best custom injection plastic parts for your operation.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re simply gathering all these parts to create assemblies which then re-sell to another institutional buyer, or you actually need specific parts or complete products made, Romeo RIM not only is able to give you the specks that you’re looking for and has the manufacturing muscle and infrastructure fire power to get it done, it actually gets it done. Why?

Romeo RIM is run by professionals. They stick to the high standards. They focus on fine tuning the process so they’re able to produce a tremendous amount of parts in a very short period of time. This, of course, when paired with high quality standards, leads to one thing and one thing only: Profit. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just assembling these parts and re-selling them or you’re actually getting finished products from Romeo RIM based on your original design and selling it to the market. This company has you covered.

Do yourself a big favor and if you have been burned by contract manufactures in the past or you can’t seem to find a company with the right manufacturing infrastructure to do a good job, check out Romeo RIM today. You would be placidly surprised. This is a company that is serious about helping you achieve the success you deserve.

Given the dog eat dog fierceness of ecommerce competition, you really have no luxury of going with the same old same old. You really don’t. You have to stand out quickly where it counts-quality. Indeed, major brands are all about making a splash. And it is very hard to make a splash in any market if your stuff looks just like everyone else’s stuff because it was created or sourced the same way. See the problem?

Finding the right solar attic fans doesn’t have to be an ordeal


The great thing about solar attic fans is they really do a good job cooling your attic. Attics have been around for a long time but in the 1980’s, they got really big because there were a lot of music videos that feature attics. There’s just something cozy about an attic. It’s like your own personal space. It’s part garage, part warehouse, part artist den and 100% all yours. It’s very private. It’s your own internal space and all sorts of fun things can happen there.

There’s no surprise that a lot of bands in the 1980’s like the Smiths performed in attics or shot videos there. The attic is an architectural personal space and hidden secrets as well as practical considerations intersect. However, if you have an attic space, you know that this spot in your homes interior can get hot really quickly. This is why you need to consider getting solar attic fans.

You might be thinking that any fan will do. That’s going to be a problem. Seriously. You can’t have that attitude because the more specialized your fans, the cooler and the more comfortable you’ll be. After all, you need the right tools to solve the right problems. It’s no different from using an actual hammer instead of your shoe when hammering a nail through some drywall. The right tool makes all the difference in the world.

The great thing about these types of fans is that you don’t have to wire them up and power them from your grid. They are self powered thanks to solar energy. The best part is that you can leave them running pretty much on a 24/7 basis so heat doesn’t accumulate in your attic. You can pretty much hang out in your attic all times in the day and not have to break a sweat both figuratively and literally.

With that said, solar attic fans are not created equal. You have to pay close attention to the size, dimension and charge of these units. The longer the life of the unit, the better off you would be. The more compact the unit, the more flexible this fan would be. They key here is to make sure that you select a product to fit your particular needs.

This is very important because a lot of people when they’re buying any kind of merchandise, would blindly go with a friend or relative’s recommendation. It may well turn out that that product is the best thing since sliced bread to your friend or relative. However, by the time you get around to ordering it and using it in your particular situation, the recommended product falls flat. Either it doesn’t do a good job or the experience is down right disastrous.

There’s no need to go down that road. Just focus on what’s important to you and you probably will be able to find the right solar attic fans that will do the right job at the right time.


Finding the best baby beach tents just got easier


If you’re looking for the best baby beach tents, you have your work cut out for you because there are many websites on the internet offering this type of merchandise. In fact, the problem isn’t the availability. The product is there. You just need to go to the right place to scope out a wide range of baby beach tents.

The big problem is finding the right product. A lot of people think that you only need to get on Facebook and make an announcement and your friends will come out of the woodwork with all sorts of recommendations. While this may make a lot of sense if you’re looking to get your hair styled but you can no longer go to your old stylist because they left town, this approach may not work all that well for merchandise like baby beach tents. Why? When people make a recommendation, it’s usually based on their personal experience. Their advice usually arises from their direct first hand experience with a particular piece of merchandise.

This might seem like a good thing. This might seem like it’s not that big of a deal. Well, think about it. Everybody is different. Everybody comes from different backgrounds. Everybody has a different context. When people have a different set of needs and they buy a product to address those needs, you are in trouble if you just copy and paste their recommendation. Why? Your needs may be different. Maybe your friends rarely go camping. However, you go hit the nation trail every chance you get. Do you see the disconnect here?

If you’re going to be using the exact same product that they use, your stuff might fall apart. Do you see how this works? If you are serious about finding the very best baby beach tents, you’ll need to go to an online source that lists out the usual suspects and slices and dices them in such a way that it makes it easier for you to come up with an informed decision.

There are many pages that present baby beach enclosures and tents this way. One of the most trustworthy is http://canopytentreviews.com/best-baby-beach-tents. The great thing about this list is that it accommodates people regardless of their camping experience and activity level. This means that you don’t have to be some sort of ragged outdoors person to benefit from this list. Even if you’re just a casual camper, you will get all the information you need to make a truly informed decision just by reading this list.

The best part is that they list out a wide range of products in an easy to understand, easy to read form. This is quite and accomplishment because it’s too easy to come across a review that’s so packed with hard to understand terms that you basically end up crossing your fingers and hoping for the best when you order a product. That’s not going to work. That’s not a useful strategy.

Do yourself a big favor and get access to high quality reviews so you can make the right call. It’s possible if you have access to the right types of information.

If you’re looking for the best terrain light truck tires, you should read this

If you have a truck, rest assured that you have a piece of automotive equipment that will help you recapture the glory days of the past. There’s just something amazing about trucks. You can take them on the road. You can take them off road to some degree. You can haul stuff with them. If there’s one word that sums them up, it’s the word “practical.”

With the right truck, you can wear a suit and tie and look perfectly at home. You can also wear plaid and lumberjack boots and jeans and be equally at home. That’s how flexible versatile trucks can be. It’s not surprise that they got really big in the 1980’s and beyond. The 1980’s, of course, was the musical era of the Smiths and this is also the home of the rejuvenation of trucks.

Now, the truck market has evolved. All terrain light trucks are very big right now. As awesome as these trucks may be, you need to get replacement tires for them. Unfortunately, if you were to go to the dealer, chances are you are going to have to pay through the nose. You probably already know this. You probably have gone through several replacements and barely financially lived to tell about it because they can set you back.

If you love your truck and want the very best tires for it but you do not want to pay an arm and a leg, you are caught in a jam. Thankfully, the internet has enabled otherwise devoted truck owners to get the very best for their automotive companions without breaking the bank. How do you do this? How can you strike a happy compromise between high tire quality and mission critical tire features with a price that won’t kill you financially?

The answer is actually pretty straightforward. You have to go to the right websites. That’s the bottom line. If you don’t think that this is a practical solution, you should read this. This website pretty much spells out the kind of benefits you get. It also lists a tremendous amount of tires that will help you get a realistic selection as far as your budget is concerned. You’re not directed to the cheapest and lowest quality tires because your budget is quite limited. Instead, you get what you’ve been wanting for a long long time. You get a choice.

If you still don’t believe that this is possible, you should read this because it really boils down to the right online store. There are many online automotive stores or car part stores that are very lazy. They’re run by lazy people because they just feature the cheapest and lowest quality products and the owners of those sites call it a day. That’s too bad because there are many people who are looking for the lowest price. They’re not ashamed of that but they also demand the highest possible quality that they can get for that price. This is not too much to ask.

Thankfully, there are now many websites that cater to this market. It’s possible thanks to the miracle of modern globalized manufacturing.


Groomingadepts.com enable you to recapture any musical period’s facial hair fashion style


The great thing about the 1980’s is the awesome music. If you love to synthesize your music and mix with just the right amount of guitar and drums and bass, the 1980’s should be right up your alley.

It’s really hard to hate the decade that produced the Smiths, The Culture Club and Duran Duran. With that said, don’t think that the 1980’s was just good for music. Sure this was the golden age of music videos, but the 1980’s actually brought to the table all sorts of amazing fashion style. This usually played out in people’s hairstyles.

The mullet was very big. The flat top made a comeback. The good news here is if you’re looking for a distinctive facial hairstyle that’s directly influenced by a musical period, you don’t need to look any further than the 1980’s because in the 1970’s, thing can get quite a little weird and awkward. That’s kind of like the borderline. If you want to play it safe and still sport a really fun and amusing facial hair which people can still take seriously, you need to focus on the 1980’s and periods after that.

The key here is to focus on your personal style. The great thing about places like www.groomingadepts.com is they are very open minded. They don’t say that one particular period is ancient history. They don’t seal off or consider any stylistic period off limits. However, because that’s your call, it really is a personal thing. Some people might get turned on by the 1970’s, others are completely turned off. The great thing about groomingadepts.com is that they go out of their way to showcase all these different styles so they can give you ideas on how to style your facial hair in an exciting, innovative and intriguing way in the here and now.

One of the biggest challenges of sporting facial hair of any length is that it’s very easy to look just like everybody else. That’s the big risk that you run and unfortunately, people are too eager to call you a bandwagon jumper. They’re basically accusing you of copying and pasting your facial hairstyle. Don’t give any reason to suspect that. Check out www.groomingadepts.com and learn how to connect different inspirations from different eras. This is not easy. This doesn’t sink in overnight. However, the more you do it and the more experiments you survive, the closer you get to a specific facial hair look.

The big danger a lot of guys fall into is that once they have their mind set on a particular look, they never change that look. There’s an old joke that if girlfriends want to see what their future husbands would look like 50 years from now, look at their hairstyles today. There’s a lot of truth to that. Don’t let that happen when it comes to your facial hair.

Thankfully, websites like groomingadepts.com give you enough ideas and creative inspiration to ensure that you stay up to the times and that you truly reflect your personal style.

Learn how to read sewing machine reviews the right way


In the 1980’s, you really have to be very careful when reading band reviews. There are, of course, many awesome bands from the 1980’s like the Smiths. This blog, after all, is dedicated to this amazing British band. However, for every awesome group like the Smiths, The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, there are of course a huge amount of all too forgettable bands. Sure some of these acts produce pretty catchy tune every once in a while, but by enlarge, they’re all too generic and all too forgettable.

You have to keep this in mind because it’s very easy to get taken in by serious sounding and legit seeming sewing machine reviews. The way many of these reviews are written, the sewing equipment they profile seem like they’re the best thing since sliced bread. Sooner or later you begin to connect the dots and it dawns on you that by enlarge, these sewing machine reviews don’t have a negative thing to say about the products they’re reviewing. Everything is excellent, awesome and good to go. This should be a red flag.

You have to understand that your main purpose in reading those reviews is to get the very best product for your money. You worked hard for your money, so you have every right in the world to demand full value for your money. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen if you run into a review where every other product is the very best thing to happen to humanity since sliced bread.

How do you make heads or tails of product reviews, and in particular, reviews of sewing machines? The good news is that this is easier than you think.

First of all, look for overly emotional or overly excited writing style. If it seems that the writer of the review is trying to get you pumped up, excited and hyped up about the product being reviewed, you need to take a step back. You need to look at the benefits that you would get from the machine and make sure that the sewing machine being reviewed can actually deliver. How do you know? Look at it’s features. If none of this makes sense, if none of this connects to your actual needs, then you need to keep looking. Read a different review

The second thing that you need to look for is the lack of objectivity. If it seems like all the reviewer has to say involves positive attributes and they seem to go out of their way to minimize downplay or outright omit the downsides of the product, you need to take a walk. You need to close that window and look for another review because you are probably reading something that’s not going to lead to an informed decision.

Finally, high quality sewing machine reviews are packed with practical information. In other words, you can see yourself using the machine based on the description in the review. When you scan through the different benefits and features of the machine, you can actually picture yourself using those features. This is crucial because you have your own particular needs. Forget about the specific needs of the reviewer. That person may have a different set of circumstances from yours.

Focus on what’s important and relevant to you and if you see this play out in how the reviewer describes the machine and outlines the different benefits the machine bring to a table, chances are this piece of sewing equipment or tool is right up your alley.

This is the key to making the right decision otherwise, there’s a good chance that you’re going to be losing a lot of money. Pay close attention to how you read and process any kind of product review.

Believe it or not, your Twin Vew Price is going to look cheap soon enough


The funny thing about the 1980’s is that a lot of people thought that the stock market blew up back then. A lot of people thought that the upward trajectory of the stock market began in the 1980’s and things have gotten more and more expensive since then. Well, that’s quite a mouth full because if you look at real estate prices in the US, sure they start going up after the economic reforms of the early 80’s, but they really blew up in the late 1990’s. Let’s not confuse these.

The 1980’s were great especially because of the Smith’s and other musicians, but it wasn’t all that hot in terms of the economy. In fact, in the early 80’s, there was a really crippling recession. I bring this up because if you’re looking at Singapore real estate property and you have your eye on one of the hottest condominium projects in this city state, you may be shocked by the Twin Vew Price. You may be thinking that you’re paying too much for a piece of Singapore real estate. Your mind might be wondering as to if there are other wandering the region, looking for better bargains.

Let me put it this way. Sure, that Twin View Price that you have been quoted may seem high right now. However, you have to look at it in its proper context. You have to understand that given the huge demand for premium Singapore real estate, you will be able to command a fat premium for rent. In other words, expatriates, chief executive officers and top level executives from multi-national companies from all over the world seeking to establish a foothold in Asia by basing their operations in Singapore will pay a premium for your place. They don’t want to buy a permanent spot. In their minds, leasing is the second best option.

This is where you come in. Considering the small amount of top tier, first class accommodations in Singapore, you can bet that the tight supply and hot demand equation is going to work in your favor time and time again. What I’m trying to say here in the simplest term possible is that the Twin Vew Price you have in your hands may look very pricey right now. It may even seem astronomical, however, if you look at the big picture and the rate at which lease rates are going up, it’s going to look cheap soon enough.

Back in the 1980’s when the Smiths and Morrissey were really big, there were a lot of premium real estate properties in New York and elsewhere that seemed very pricey at the time. Now, when we look back, they’re laughably cheap. We’re talking about 5th Avenue places selling for a tiny fraction of what they sell now.

When it comes to real estate in certain parts of the world, there’s only one direction to go and that is up. Always remember this because you may think that the flat you’re thinking of buying in Singapore cost an arm and a leg. But you have to view the price in context. If you play this game right, your asset can be self liquidating.


Primitive Outpost enables you to recapture 80’s facial hair styles


Let’s get one thing clear: Back in the1980’s, facial hair was not all that popular. Sure you may be a big fan of one of the members of Hall and Oates, but let me tell you. Facial hair, by enlarge in the 1980’s, was a rarity. Most of the biggest musical celebrities embodied by the Smith’s didn’t have much facial hair. Most people were clean shaven. With that said, it seems like all the hair that they could’ve put on their faces in the form of beards and mustaches were instead transferred to the top of their heads in the form of really big hair. We’re talking about really big hair here that are often required a whole can of hair spray.

I don’t know what’s worse. Nasty looking beards or really out of this world big hair styles. With that said, if you want to really take your beard to the next level, you need to check out Primitive Outpost and get some ideas on how to recapture the vibrancy of the 1980’s in your facial hairstyle.

I’ve already mentioned that in the 1980’s, most people were clean shaven. The idea that you’re going to be getting excited by is how people style their hair. There are many ways you can recapture this with your beard. There’s the feathered look. There’s the fade away. There’s the close trim. There’s just so many ways you can play this. Believe it or not, the flat top made a comeback in the 1980’s. You can shave your beard in such a way that it mimics an inverted flat top.

You can have a lot of fun with facial hairstyles inspired by the personal styles and grooming trends of the 1980’s. After all, this is one decade that produce really amazing music. The interesting thing about beard styles and grooming and trimming techniques, as well as unique looks, is that they can be quite eclectic. You can use a wide range of products to style your facial hair in such a way that it looks really neat and clean while at the same time, evoking memories of a long gone era.

There’s quite a bit of a trend of people styling their beards based on the 1930’s or 1910’s. There’s a lot of nostalgia going on. Well, why not check out beard styles from the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s? You’d be surprised as to how awesome your personal look could be. Still, when going to Primitive Outpost and online facial hair styling platforms, always remember that you are trying to put your personal stamp on your appearance. You’re trying to make your appearance a clear extension of your personality, values and priorities. That kind of thing. You’re not simply copying and pasting somebody’s look. It may look good on them, but it’s anybody’s guess whether it would make you look distinctive enough.

Remember, you’re all about creating your own personal style. Let’s keep it at that level.

24/7 spares makes auto parts shopping an after thought

For the longest time, especially in the 1980’s, if you need spare car parts, you better be located in the right part of town otherwise it’s going to be very hard on you. You’re pretty much at the mercy of your local car parts store. Back in those days, you’re probably going to have to pay a premium just to get after market parts for your car.

It’s not because there are no original equipment manufacture parts available. The issues is cost because if you’re going to get car parts from the original sub contractor that produce those parts for the direct manufacturer of your car, you’re going to pay through the nose.

After market parts are not cheap, but can you imagine the extra premium you had to pay to go with an OEM part. The alternative to this means living in the right part of town because there are many junkyards around. These locations are not exactly prime real estate. Often times, they are in areas of the city where most people do not want to locate their families. After all, who wants to live right next to an automotive graveyard.

Still, back in those days, you only need to role up your sleeves, get your tool box and head out to a local junkyard so the operator can point out a car that is close to the year of your vehicle. You then take apart the assembly that you need and pay a low price. The awesome thing about this is you get to remove and replace whole assemblies. You’re not paying a premium for a specific part.

The problem is not everybody has this luxury. If you think this is a hassle, you’re absolutely correct. Thankfully, getting access to spare parts around the clock is as easy as looking up 24/7 spares. Just do a search for that search term and you would find an online car parts store that is ready, willing and able to deliver you the car parts you need right on time.

Maybe you got in an accident and you need an assembly. Maybe your car is suffering wear and tear issues. Perhaps your car has some faulty parts and it’s time for you to replace those parts. Whatever your situation may be, you only need to search for 24/7 spares online and you will get the right parts you need to get the job done.

This blog is dedicated to the Smiths and they were very active in the 1980’s. Thankfully, we have great musical memories from the 1980’s, but we don’t have to live with the messed up and problematic car part sourcing realities faced by people three decades ago. The 1980’s was a great decade for music and not much else thanks to the absence of the commercial internet.

If you need 24/7 spares, regardless of where you are, when you need it, you will get access to the car parts you need to get your car up and going again. How awesome is that?


You need the right unit from primeheaters.com to ensure maximum comfort in your home


Usually, when people think of comfort, they think about the basics. That’s right. They think about the amount of light in an interior space. They consider the ambient temperature. They pay attention to the amount of space within that interior room. This is how people usually define comfort, but there are many ways to define comfort because you have to understand that when you’re inside the interior area of any home or business or any type of building, you have many needs. You need to go to the bathroom, you need to wash your hands, you need to wash your face.

Unfortunately, if we are going to define comfort in a very narrow term, a lot of these other concerns go down the drain. People don’t even think about them. They’re not on the radar until, of course, they need to do what they need to do. Last time I checked, people still need to go to the bathroom. Often times, you may get stuff stuck on your face or your skin might feel oily, whatever your reasons may be, you make a beeline to the bathroom to wash your face. What happens then?

If you live in the part of the world or US where it gets very cold outside, you need that water coming out of the tap to be warm enough. You may be thinking that this is pretty basic stuff or most homes in the US have this covered. Well, you’ve got it wrong.

Believe it or not, a lot of places in the US still use a water tank. This tank holds water until people in the home or building need to draw that water through their tap. Water is then delivered from the tank to the tap. Pretty straightforward, right?

It gets very complicated if you live in the part of the country where 10 degrees below freezing is the norm and whether we like it or not, there are a lot of those places in many parts of the US. Given the harsh realities of climate change, the number of those places are increasing. What do you do in that situation?

This is where you need to get the right water less tank heater. The great thing about this technology is that you’re actually saving a tremendous amount of energy. Instead of all your water being pumped into a central insulated tank that is pre-heated, all water goes through a water less tank heaters that are local to the rooms they’re assigned to. This way, when you have many guests in a house, when people wash their face or go to the bathroom, they access warm water as needed. Your broiler is not working overtime.

This, of course, has a tremendous impact on your gas bill as well as your electricity bill. This is a big deal and the great thing about water less tank heaters is that they’re very easy to find and, most importantly, they are very easy to size up. You can quickly find out which model works best to service your particular set of circumstances.

To find this information, you only need to go to http://www.primeheaters.com. You’ll be getting all the information you need to make a truly informed decision. This is not all that hard. You just need to have access to the right resources.